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AST teamed up with Pi-Lit Technologies to provide a lighting solution which integrates with the Modular Vehicle Barrier System when conditions call for enhanced illumination. ​

Adding the Pi-Lit sequential vehicle barrier lights to the MVB 3X barriers improves safety and visibility of the barriers. The sequential light technology is coordinated to flash sequentially or simultaneously to provide advanced warning of a barriers. Alert drivers earlier, reduce confusion and enhance traffic safety with Pi-Lit® sequential approach lights.​

  • Automatic synchronization

  • Advanced warning and guidance

  • Increased visibility - Enhanced safety

  • 20+ hours of continuous flash

  • Charges all flares at once

  • 6 hour recharge time from dead battery

  • RDS™ (Rapid Deployment System): Automatically turns on flare when removed from case

  • Rugged design withstands the harsh road and weather conditions

  • 13,600 kg (30,000 lbs) crush strength

  • Flare specification: Weight = .5 lbs,

  • Dimensions: L = 4.25 in, W = 3.5 in, H = 1 in.

  • 10 Set specification: Weight with flares = 7 lbs ,

  • Dimensions: L = 11.7 in, W = 9.2 in, H = 1.2 in

  • Includes: Carrying/Charging case, DC 12/24V car charger plug, AC wall charger plug

  • Quick return on investment 

  • Rechargeable or AA battery powered

  • Made in the USA

Vehicle Barrier Lights

Contact Advanced Security Technologies today to learn more about our vehicle barrier lights.

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