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MVB3X Used as Sporting Event Barricade

The live experience of attending a sporting event is something that simply can’t be replicated from a living room couch. It’s the reasons why millions of people flock to games every year. With so many people in attendance, security for players and fans becomes much more important. Advanced Security Technologies has the solution with our modular barrier system. These modular barriers function as sporting event barricades and ensure everyone attending the game remains protected. 

There are many things our barriers prevent that can occur before, during, or after a game that can put fans and participants in danger. For example, our modular barrier system was designed with enough stopping power to completely halt a 7.5-ton truck. This is more than enough to prevent a runaway tailgater from ruining the event. Our sporting event barricades also function to help cordon off areas of the stadium from spectators, ensuring security and privacy for players, guests, and others.  

The thing that separates our modular barriers from other systems is how quickly and easily they can be deployed, linked, and disassembled. Each phase takes less than a minute to build and can be done without tools. These modular vehicle barriers are used as sporting event barricades and are designed with convenience in mind. Along with modular lights that make visibility a breeze, we carry a trailer that makes transporting the system easy and storage lockers for when they aren’t in use. These all help preserve the quality of your barriers and ensure they’ll be ready when you need them most. 

When you’re looking for the best in portable barricades, turn to the experts at Advanced Security Technologies. We offer solutions that work for all our clients to keep attendees and participants safe at events around the country. For more information on any of our event barricades or to place an order, give our team a call today.

Image by David Todd McCarty
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