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MVB3X Used as Police Barricades

One of the biggest challenges facing law enforcement officers in many communities is how to keep the citizens they protect safe from new threats as they occur. Criminals and bad actors are constantly devising new ways to cause harm, so it’s important for the people who protect us to have all the necessary tools at their disposal. Advanced Security Technologies understands the needs of departments and is proud to offer modular barriers that work as police barricades that prevent unauthorized access to secure locations.  

The defining characteristic that sets our barriers apart from others is their portability. Our modular vehicle barrriers that can be used as police barricades are easy to transport, deploy, and dismantle so you’re always ready to meet the demands of the situation. In fact, assembling and dismantling our barriers can be done by a single person in less than one minute for each section. And when the barriers aren’t in use, simply fold them for easy carrying and storage. No tools are necessary for assembly, so it’s easy to store and deploy the barricades as you need them. 

Advanced Security Technologies is your home not just for the barriers, but for everything else you need to take full advantage of barrier capabilities. For example, we carry sequential flashing lights for the barriers that make them clearly visible in any situation. We also offer trailers to make transportation even easier and storage lockers that ensure your barriers stay in proper working condition. 

Our modular vehicle barrier system and accessories keep communities safe by directing pedestrian and vehicle traffic to where they need to go. And with the stopping power to halt a 7.5-ton box truck, you know these barriers work as police barricades and have what it takes to get the job done. For more information on our modular vehicle barrier system or to place an order for your department, give Advance Security Technologies a call today!

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Image by Josh Couch
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