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Advanced Security Technologies LLC (AST) is the US supplier for the world’s most effective modular vehicle barrier system. 

​AST brings over 50 years of experience to the commercial security market. Our strategic partners specialize in key market segments and possess extensive expertise of current industry requirements, best practices and optimal outcomes.

​​We greatly value the people with whom we do business. Providing solutions that make people safer is a source of tremendous satisfaction. The modular vehicle barrier system we offer represents our commitment to public safety, quality craftmanship and superior engineering.


Why work with AST

As the customer, having a relationship with AST gives you access to real solutions to your complex security requirements. It also connects you to over 50 years of relationships deep into the security field.  If you are considering ways to secure a key asset or protect human life, we are always happy to lend our experience and present our solutions.    

For the last two decades, the principals of AST have worked exclusively on perimeter security projects and programs.  Many of our projects require an innovative mix of physical barriers, reliable intrusion detection technology, activity assessment and methods of deterrence.

Whether you are considering how to stop an intentional vehicle attack at your events, or how to detect an intruder trying to breach your perimeter, we are here to help. 

​AST will work with you to provide all of the pertinent information to allow for a well-thought-out decision-making process, a smooth equipment purchase, installation, commissioning, training and maintaining of the systems for years to come

It was an easy decision to hire AST as our contracted sales representative. You keep business acumen and the strategic planning to position AST in the security market paid immediate return to FLIR.

Bill Klink, Vice President of Sales, FLIR Security

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